Senin, 03 Oktober 2011

Ch. 6 - Consumer Decision Making

According to the MKTG text book, we can predict and follow the process of a costumer purchase a product which calls "Consumer decision- making process". The process involves all the steps for making a purchase, from the first thinking about the product through all the way of buying it and after. As for Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola is a soft nonalcoholic sweet drink that made as a self quenching and to refresh the world.
Coca-Cola is not a "need" it’s a "want". Coca-Cola promotes its beverages everywhere and all the time, therefore external stimulates are influences by outside sources; friends, media and etc.
Coca-Cola is trying to create an image that will fit different occasions; classic parties or casual meetings between friends. It can be use as thirst quenching or satisfy pleasure. In today society, people follow icons and bands, people want to follow models that we see on TV or hear in the radio. Therefore Coca-Cola is using commercials and presenting types of people that the target group feels related too; happy families gathering for dinner, party with friends and etc.
We cannot ignore the fact that the Coca-Cola consider differ in different countries, cultures, communities or even families. For example, in my family there's no dinner without a bottle of Coca-Cola, even last week my family had 20 guests for the holiday and we had a "holiday box" with 9 bottles, for the holiday spirit. However, when I moved to NYC to live with my boyfriend I didn’t buy Coca-Cola even once because after I came to U.S. I noticed the fast food industry and the obesity affection on the society. I stopped drinking Coca-Cola.

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