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Ch. 15 - Retailing

Coca-Cola is a worldwide company that using bottling partners who manage the product in different locations around the world. As I mentioned in chapter five, Coca-Cola does not own or control its bottling partners, the company franchisors its products to bottling partners since 1899. The company system manufactures and sells concentrates, beverage bases and syrups to the bottling operations. Coca-Cola owns the brands and responsible for consumer and to the market brand.The bottling operations manufacture, package, merchandises and distribute the final beverages to consumers and vending partners (I will expand next paragraph) who then sell the products to customers. (From the "Coca-Cola System",
(Muhtar Kent in the middle) 
Muhtar Kent, CEO and chairman of the Coca-Cola Company said, "The Coca-Cola Company remains committed to continuously involving and advancing our franchise system in line with unique needs of each and every market", Coca-Cola company is working close with the bottling partners in order to maintain the greater nonalcoholic ready to drink number one company.
Coca-Cola sells its products everywhere. It does not have special store that customers can shop only Coca-Cola products. Coca-Cola consumers are grocery stores, restaurants, street vendors, mass merchandisers, convenience stores, drug stores, movie theaters and amusement parks who then sell the products the costumers.
Coca-Cola does not have a special store on NYC; it does have a place on 711 5th ave, new york, NY, but it only offers pictures in the entrance and offices without access. There is a unique store on 121 Baker Street,  Atlanta, GA.

In this store the company offers a tour to explore the inside the "World of Coca-Cola" through interactive experience complete with video highlights, images and stories. http://www.worldofcoca-cola.com/


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