Rabu, 12 Oktober 2011

Add to chapter 15- Retailing

I visit retailing store called Duane Reade, which sells Coca-Cola among many other products. When I crossed the aisles in the store to get to the refrigerators for drinks I came right across my product- Coca Cola. Between 12 lines of different beverages (juices, alcoholic drinks, coffees, soft drinks and etc) Coca-Cola was right in front of me, a whole line only for Coca- Cola beverages. It has standard Coca-Cola, diet Coca-Cola, cranberry Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola zero, Cherry Coca-Cola. As I go over the different lines with different beverages I noticed in the end there was another line with boxes that you can by 6/9 cans of Coca-Cola or 6 large bottles of standard Coca-Cola or Coca-Cola diet.
In another retailing store, small newsstand that sells snacks and soft drinks in the subway, I saw 5 different beverages; water, orange juice, ice tea, Pepsi can and Coca-Cola bottle.

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