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Ch. 10 - Product Concept

Coca Cola is a world wide company that sells ready to drink, non- alcoholic, soft beverages. Coca Cola's product is classified as business/industrial product because the company, in general, produce syrup concentrate which sold to the bottlers companies around the world; the bottlers partners produce the finished products and sell them to retail stores which then sell the products to the consumer for non-business use. However, product is not only tangible good, part of a product is also the advertisings which then can be classified as consumer product because the manufacture companies are the responsible for advertisements straight to the consumer at home for non-business use. 

Coca Cola's product is a convenience product that is "relatively inexpensive item that merits little shopping efforts" (MKTG text book), Coca Cola's product is a soft drink, inexpensive relatively to other competitors and is bought without any shopping effort.

Cola-Cola started to sell in 1899 the primary drink, Coca Cola, for five cent a piece. In the early 1950s the company began to introduce new product items as packages size and types, cans were also first introduced. By 1960s the company introduced different products line as Fanta, Sprite and etc. Today, Coca Cola's product line depth is more than 450 flavors under soft drinks category and six product mix width including: Energy drinks, Juices, Sport drinks, Tea and Coffee, and Water. Coca Cola's product mix is more than 3500 beverages. 

On 1915 a group representing the company asked glass manufacturers to design a package that will be easy to distinguish from its competitors. By 1916 the glass bottle was introduce with its unique shape that can be identify even at dark and became the most recognize icon in the world. The contour bottle became one of the few packages that were ever got trademark status by the US patent office. The package label is a "persuasive labeling" that focuses more on promotional logo that gives information to consumers.

Coca Cola earns approximately 75% of revenue from international sales and can be called a global brand.

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