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Ch. 18 - Sales and Personal Selling

In 1888 Asa G. Candler took control over Coca-Cola and put all his energy to market and advertises the product. The biggest part in the advertisement plan and budget was focused and spent on Point- of- Purchase distribution such as calendars, magazines, newspapers ads, and etc.
Since then Coca-Cola became the largest manufacturer, distributor, and marketer of non-alcoholic beverages.  
Coca-Cola is a world-wide company with enormous amount of diverse consumers from different places around the world. Coca- Cola adjust prices, advertisements, sales promotion programs, products innovation, new packages, new vending and dispensing equipment, and brand and trademark development and protection to sustain and lead among the competitors. Coca-Cola is considered a convenience product as it is relatively inexpensive (the prices are mostly determines by the retailers of the products) that can be found everywhere. The res and white packaging of Coca-Cola products is world recognized.

Here are few examples from different countries around the world for sales promotion,

- In 1999 the Coca-Cola and diet Coke 2litre bottle were introduce in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Part of the marketing plan was price promotion, single 2litre bottle in half price (99p), and national shopping mall sampling. Since it was launch, the Coca-Cola's new bottles achieved huge success.
- In Israel during the holiday, usually Sep-Oct, Coca-Cola promotes 6 or 3 bottles packages in lower prices, the packages include blessings for the holidays. In addition, every year the Coca-Cola Company produce huge event called "Coca-Cola village" for young people, its 2 days event with music and food that many singers, actors and famous people perform.

The new freestyle fountains with the touch screen allow visitors the option to create their own customized drinks between 120+ beverages. The new machine distribute in 437 restaurants of firehouse subs.
- In India, there are promotions as:
   * Buy two 2litre bottles get 1litre bottle free.
   * New media in which a special code is at the back of the cap and you need to text to code to a     
      specific number and there will be a lucky draw out of it.
    * Vouchers and coupons to get free bottles.
    * Buy Dominos Pizza and get 500ml bottle of coke.

Those are few examples from the variety promotions Coca-Cola has been doing as part of the marketing and advertising the biggest non-alcoholic, ready to drink, Coca-Cola Company.

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