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Ch. 17- Advertising and Public Relations

Coca- Cola is the biggest company that sells soft, ready to drink, non-alcoholic beverages. Coca-Cola is one of the most persistent and loved brands from 1888.  Coca-Cola became well-known because of its aggressive sells, aggressive advertisement. The strategic planning of Asa G. Candler was to advertise everywhere and all the time. As I spoke in chapter 2, Strategic Planning, Coca-Cola has been using the best talented photographers and producers to design and produce the most colorful, attractive commercials, calendars, ads and etc.
Advertisements have huge influence on our society, people in general and especially teenagers follow images and icons they see in commercials, ads, movies, radio and etc.  Coca-Cola spent billions of dollars for advertisements, to touch those teenagers and to become an well-known icon around the world. Coca-Cola spent over $1.6 billion in the late 1990s. Advertising Age estimated Coca-Cola's global advertising expenditure of $$2.24 billion in 2009, world's number 6 advertiser.
From Richard Brodie, "Virus of the mind: The New Science of the Meme, "in psychology, the word conditioning often refers to implementing association-memes. When the Coca-Cola bottling company pays millions of dollars to show you how young people in bathing suits having a good time drinking their products, they are conditioning you to associate good feelings with their brands". Coca-Cola over the years has been focuses on feelings and positive livings rather than the product itself. The images the company created along the time, before and after the war, provided the foothold it's aimed for- an American Icon.

As it started, around 1910.

The well-known Santa, 1930.

The famous Pollar Bear, 1990.

Coca-Cola of our days, 2000.

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