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Ch. 3 - Ethics & Social responsibility

According to The Coca Cola company official website, "At the Coca-Cola company, We aim to lead by example and to learn from experience. We set an high standards for our people at all levels and strive to consistently meet them."
Coca Cola dedicate 49 pages of the Code of business conduct, it serves to guide the actions of employees consistent with the company values. The Code of business conduct is the core for ethics in the company. The code requires honesty and integrity that all their employees must read, understand and follow.
Coca-Cola is a worldwide company, located in more than 200 countries all over the world, Therefore the company needs to deal with various of employees with different values and clients with different needs. The Coca-Cola company has Ethics & compliance office that determine code violations and discipline and administered varity of training courses. More than 50,000 employees completed training sessions on the Code of Business Conduct: European Union competition law, Latin American competition law, financial integrity, intellectual property and competitive intelligence, drug-free workplace and preventing workplace violence.
Since 2006 Coca-Cola has been an active member of the UNGC (United nation global compact) and this year, 2011, the company together with approx 50 other companies participated in the 2011 launch of the UNGC Lead program, which is a platform for members striving to achieve higher levels of corporate sustainability performance.
Coca-Cola company commitment to make a positive difference in the world, focuses on few core areas key to business sustainability:
- Energy efficiency and climate protection , This page will take you to Coca-Cola's company website which you can view the plans for energy efficiency and protections.
- Sustainable packaging- Create solutions by advancing a global sustainable packaging.
- Active healthy living- Being part of the solustion to the obesity problems in the society.
- Developing economies through business and partnership- Foster sustainable communities through economic development, philanthropy and the creation of economic and social opportunities.
Recent News:

Muhtar Kent, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, The Coca-Cola Company
Atlanta, GA, April 27, 2011

"Beyond all the positive trends, numbers and dynamics shaping our industry over the next 10 years, there is a simple truth that reminds us every single day why we at Coca-Cola love our business and our system so much.
It's what we see in the course of our daily lives. It's a world yearning not just for the beverages we provide but the ideals and values Coca-Cola represents."

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