Minggu, 04 September 2011

Strategic planning

The idea of anything can be successful if it packed and sold right is what made Coca Cola the greatest product it's today.
Coca Cola using aggressive marketing to sell produc. From 1 small corner store that sold 9 drinks a day, 125 years ago, to a billion sales worldwide.
Their product is product competitive advantage.

How it happened and still happening?
Coca Cola has been using the best photographers, the best designers to make the most unique and unforgettable commercials, calenders, ads, magazines.
It all started back than, 125 years ago, when Savvy local business man, Asa Candler, saw the potential in Coca Cola and bought it from John Pemberton. Asa strategic planning was the use of aggressive advertisements, everywhere and all the time to reach the consumer. From his point of view it was the key for success .
Asa used the best photographers and writers to illustrate magazines, calenders and commercials with colours that best attract. The icon, Coca Cola, started to appear every where. To refresh and touch the consumer they used for example, Santa clous and soldiers from world-war 2 in their commercials.
In 1950's Coca Cola design the famous glass bottle that is unique for his appearance, it's easy to recognize, shines even at night and looks good.
Coca Cola's company today built an harmony image to be realized by catchy songs and common symbols that made it a worldwide company that located in 206 different countries.
The company is promoting beverages and unique commercial edit by the best designers.
Coca Cola has been using global employees that bringing different aspects to the company.
The different between Coca Cola to other companies is that Coca Cola challenge operator on huge scale located on 206 different countries, and by that Coca Cola is everywhere in almost every families life.
* Last promotion of the company was the idea of volunteering in specifically corporate social. Responsibility employees volunteer their time to charitable organization.

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