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Ch. 4 - The marketing enviroment

Coca-Cola company has over 3,000 different beverages. From the standard Coca-Cola bottle to nectar juice box neutrally sweetened with stevia (stevia- in the sunflower family, grown for its sweet leaves).
Coca-Cola company does not focus on target market, It serves everyone. The company offers Coca-Cola in low to high calories level, different packaging and different flavors that reaching all types of group, from childhood to old age.

"We are a global family of people working together to bring your family a wide array of beverage choices to meet your beverage needs every day. We are honored that for over a century, we have been invited to be a part of your everyday lives; from your simplest routines to your social celebrations. You have trusted our products and brought them in to your home to be enjoyed by the whole family" (Muthar King, ).
One of Coca-Cola company's goal is to "Refresh the world", meaning that they always need to look ahead, to prepare for what's about to come.Coca-Cola strategic planing is to focus on the market, market orientation. Therefore, They the company successfully trying to be part of every family's life. The company has been promoting different products as energy drinks, juices, soft drinks, sports drinks, tea and coffee, water and others.
  * Coca-Cola target all age groups, as for young - the packaging is attracting, and Coca-Cola is a brand, it's cool to drink. For older it classified as a classic drink, it used in parties or work.
  * Ethnic groups, Coca-Cola located in more than 200 different countries, 1 of the missions Coca-Cola has is to "Refresh the world" or "[to] possess a world view", The company's goal is to touch everyone.
For example, in my country, Israel, every Friday night all the family is gathering for a "Friday dinner". I can't remember even 1 family dinner without at least 2 bottles of Coca-Cola.

  * Economic factor, Coca-Cola prices are similar to othe cometitive companies, It's affordable for everyone.

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