Jumat, 08 Maret 2013

Intellectual Capital

Pepsi is a very large company. They are in the business of many different products. Pepsi has a large base for intellectual capital. From human capital such as employees and the knowledge they have of their jobs and just how to best do their job. They want to retain employees so they have everything from insurance to retirement plans and have a competitive workforce. They want the people they have working for them so they have the benefits to help entice them to stay. They have to have a good line of communication between their human resources communication and their employees. In order to keep themselves current with what their employees want they have to be evolving along with the generations to be as large and successful as they have been. With evolving times it is important to know what the employees value and what will keep them doing good work and keep them at Pepsi. Other than human capital they also have patents and copyrights that they have in order to keep their brand and image in good shape. They don't want just anyone to be able to make Pepsi on their own because then it would take away from their business. Pepsi overall has a lot of intellectual capital.

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