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Ch. 16 - Integrated Marketing Communication

Coca-Cola is using all elements of promotion,
1. Advertisement- Coca-Cola advertise in traditional media such as: TV, news papers, magazines, billboards, bus stops, and etc. the company is also using the new methods such as websites and blogs to supply more information about the company and its products.

2. Public relation- the company has its own website were consumers can view press releases, executive speeches, and statements which addresses law-suits, rumors, stories, and etc. the latest example can be also the World Wildlife Fund, Coca-Cola campaign for the Polar Bear’s home, the company ties in the branded image of “Coke Polar Bear” with the concern for the environment. The company started to manufacture more than 1.4 billion white coke cans, the company will also commited to raise 3 million for the fund between November 1- March 15, 2012. The company will donate 2 million and will rais 1 million from public donation, by texting the package code to 357357 and $1 will donate to the fund.  The Coca-Cola Company

3. Sales promotion- In "My Coke Reward", you can find tons of coupons, rewards, gifts, free vacations, and etc.
4. Personal selling- Cola-Cola has highly trained sales team, the company primary used personal selling for business to business sales. The company sells its products to retail stores using intermediaries, it can also be called Interpersonal communication, direct- face to face communication. Coca- Cola also sells its products to restaurants, part of the restaurants sell only Coca-Cola Coke. 

Coca-Cola uses the internet to promote its product, the company owns a website which allow costumers to become interactive through games, shopping, information how they can help their community, and etc. WWW.livepositivly.com 
AIDA concept, which means attention, interest, desire, and action also takes place in Coca-Cola promotion. When Coca- Cola introduce new product the company is using aggressive sales: on TV, bus stops, magazines, and etc to gain attention. Coca-Cola uses ads with information including ingredients and materials to provoke interests, like diet coke for low- calories’ consumers or 2liter bottle to save money or for convenience. To provoke desire, the company also explains in ads or in its website how the product will satisfy the potential consumer, for example, buy 2liter bottle to save money and if you drinks a lot or buy coke zero if you want to keep your shape. And than Coca-Cola continually advertise aggressively everywhere and explain the benefits of the new product, it also offer concessions like when introducing the new 2liter bottle in Republic of Ireland, one single 2liter bottle in half price, so the potential costumer will take an action and buy it.

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