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Ch. 5 - Developing a Global vision

Coca-Cola is a multinational corporation, "A company that is heavily engaged in international trad, beyond exporting and importing", MKTG text book, p.57.
It all started in 1920 and 30's, the company began a major push to establish bottling operations outside the U.S.. The first countries were France, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Belgium, Italy, Peru, Spain, Australia and South Africa. After the fall of Berlin wall the company heavily invested to built it name and roots in the Eastern Europe. By the end of the 90's the bottling system grew up with roots deeply planted in local community over the world.
Coca-Cola is the largest company in the world of nonalcoholic, ready-to-drink, beverages. The company has more than 300 bottling partners worldwide.
Coca-Cola is focuses on create a positive difference in the world. The company focuses on 7 core:
1. Beverages benefit: variety of beverages that will fit every lifestyle with quality.
2. Active healthy living: support health through product variety, nutrition education and physical activity programs.
3. Community economic development: creation of economic and social opportunities.
4. Energy efficiency and climate protection.
5. Sustainable packaging.
6. Water stewardship.
7. Work place: create diverse with international respected human rights.
Coca-Cola manufactures the beverages bases and syrups and sells them to bottling operations. The company owns or license the brand and focuses on marketing activities as advertisements, online programs, package design and etc to connect the brand to the costumers. Coca-Cola company does not own or control most of the bottling partners.

Coca-Cola company constantly exploring new ways to improve business and enhance relationships with farmers and consumers. Expending beverages and improving packaging, sales equipment, distribution and costumer service is the way the company has been building the business. The goal is to reward the shareholders, satisfy costumers and contribute positively communities around the world.

" There has never been a better time to be in the business of refreshment, Local languages may be differ but the language of refreshment is universal", said Muhatar Kent,

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