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Coke Brand Identity

A brand is based on:
-the name
-physical elements: logo, color, shape…
-its identity
It defines who you are, who you want to be as well as how you are perceived. It is important to know exactly your market and your strategy to be successful.
Coke bottle for example is red, scripted “Coca Cola” and is known for its Old-style bottle. The main identity of Coca corresponds to the message they vehicle, in other words “Coke makes you happy”.

Brand image
It is an important factor influencing Coca Cola sales. The brand has the privilege to be known all around the world as they have built their image on a universal value, happiness. The brand is perceived by consumers as a part of daily life and of their life style. Coke is this globalized product that has the same taste customers are looking for, and which give the same pleasure of refreshment during break together.

Brand loyalty
The brand image conveyed, the visibility and availability of products and ads, and also the expected quality everywhere make Coca Cola one of the most bought brand in the world. It is the most sold one.
If we take purchasing frequency in the US, figures speak for themselves: 48% of Americans drink a soda everyday with an average of 2.6 glasses per day. When we know that coke represents almost 50% of Soda consumption, there is no doubt that its customers are loyal. Around the world, more than 3% of beverages consumed are Coca Cola, that is to say 1.7 billion serving/day.
As we have noticed, it is seen as part of daily life, and we can thus say that Coke has achieved a high level of loyalty. A recent Coca-Cola annual report reported that the second most recognized expression in the world after “ok?” is “Coca-Cola.”

Brand equity
            Because of brand extension, Coca Cola equity is difficult to measure. People do not distinguish all brands own by the company, and might even buy without knowing they will be drinking or eating Coca Cola’s product. However, the brand promises the same experience around the world: refreshment, fun and good times, American lifestyle.
            Moreover, Coca-cola is recognized as the most valuable in the world by the respected inter brand corporation valued at above US $ 67 billion , coke has become effectively a part of modern world culture though its advertising campaign has changed over the years, “THE REAL TASTE” has always stood for a ”REAL” COLA DRINK with authenticity. There is legitimacy recognized and appreciated by everyone.
The identity has been built with consistent values and differentiating elements during a decade. Despite the competition, the brand continues to be a number one position globaly in brand equity rankings. 

Coke is affecting every part of life and every cultures.

What far can we go to have 2 cokes?


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