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Coca Cola targeting and positioning


Segmentation enables Brands to define the appropriate products for different kind of customers. Coca Cola doesn’t target a specific segment but adapt its marketing strategy by developing new products.
Age: Generally, Coke does not have a specific target and is addressed to everyone.
But the main consumers are 12-30 years old people; even if there is no specific product or communication for less than 12 or more than 30, the brand succeed in reaching them, through partnerships for example (restaurants, fast foods such as McDonald’s…), or thanks to its value among consumers. So, the core target audience of Coca Cola is youngster or youth. Their targeting is not based on gender but the results show that both genders like this product and use it (almost 50/50). 
Finally, Coca Cola consider each customer as a target and a potential consumer. All age groups are being targeted but the most potential is the age group from 18-25 that covers around 40% of total age segments.
Life style: no life style targeted but more and more busy life style and mobile generation (youth) are considered to be the most important part of Coke’s consumers.
Occupation: no occupation targeted but consumers are mainly students and family oriented people
Nature: fun, joy, entertainment loving…
Customer’s Media Habits
There are some habits which are given as follow:
·         The young target audience of the brand loves media exposure
·         Mobile generation & social media is part of daily life
·         Connected people; they like innovations, they like being surprised.


Coca Cola has strategically positioned itself within the world soft drink market. It faces a vital question: does it have to keep the same positioning or to adapt according to the 200 countries where the brand sells its products. The brand has understood this principle while ago: “think global, act local”. Coca is thus willing to keep the same core product which is coke, but it adapts the offer to local needs. They use strategic positioning in order to have the same image all around the world, which is a success because it is perceived today as a part of daily life everywhere. This perception of the brand by the consumer leads to a high degree of loyalty and makes the purchasing decision more automatic. Coca Cola has been successful by using Unique Selling preposition as “Live the coke side of life”, related to joy and happiness.
Consumers basically associate this brand with these emotions. When the name of Coke is mentioned, the first thing that comes into mind is fun and entertainment.  

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