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Coca Cola Intergrated marketing communications

Coca Cola uses Integrated Marketing Communications in order to communicate with its target.
It is a pioneer company in 360° communications as they rapidly understood they had to get in touch with consumers to create links and to look for them wherever they are. 
The communication plan is adapted regarding the market, the society, the potential, the product positioning etc. Coca Cola is willing to be close to its consumers, to be part of their daily life, to become a kind of ritual attached to specific moments; for that, they use social media and social marketing through social responsibility for example, creating emotions and feeling of affiliation toward its customers. For example, they raise funds for social causes like earthquake or hurricane.
Also, it always focuses on fun and entertainment as it is the main message they want to deliver. They adapt their message to the target market but they are always based on the same values: sharing, happiness, fun, tradition of coke…

One of the most spectacular action for by Coca Cola done to show their leadership is certainly the one made for their 125th birthday:

Here is a very funny, social and emotional campaign that Coca Cola has implemented in several countries:

The IMC campaign has started in 2006, with the new brand platform “Taste the Coke side of life”. From there, the company had to rethink its whole organization in communications department (from  a vertical and unilateral communication to a dialogue with customers). Such an approach means creating new jobs, new departments, different recruitment process and strategy…

Element of IMC mix

This depends on not only on the market & the product but also on the objectives. In IMC mix there are the three types of mass media: TV advertising, Print media, and banners advertisement. The various elements that are included in the IMC mix must work together to deliver a consistent and persuasive message to the target audience.

Tools of IMC:

-          Advertising: very important for Coca as it cater mass consumers market worldwide. They allow building a brand image and creating brand awareness. Coca Cola Slogan became memorable and universal, as well as the message conveyed.
            EX: print media, POS, TV commercials, billboards…

source: reportingonhealth.org

-          Direct marketing: offerings throughout partnerships such as restaurants, hotel…, but also campaigns including emailngs, texting/SMS, sponsorships…

   source: tatango.com

-          Interactive marketing & social media: interactive & entertaining website, social networks, advertising…

  source: socialmediajamaica.com

-          Sales promotion: It is really important for Coke to be distinguished from its competitors in supermarkets, city markets… thus, the company uses different strategies, oriented toward consumer or toward trade:
-Consumer oriented strategy: Visibility in shelves, eye-catching positions…
-Trade: Discounts, merchandising, free goodies, return back allowance…

For example, Coke Zero has built a reversed pyramid, it was an ingenious idea for its merchandising strategy. Its aim is to prove that nothing is impossible, so does Coke Zero which has the same taste than Coke but without calories.

source: algorythms.blogspot.com

-          PR: Coca uses PR in its strategy through events (culture, music, cinema…), social causes, CSR,…
-          Personal selling: build relationship with buyers and indirect consumers (restaurant, grocery, supermarket…)

     Coca Cola has made Americans vote for their favorite park, and the beverage giant donated $ 175,000 total to the three top vote-getters

Source: http://www.reportingonhealth.org

By using different types of media, the message will be delivered to the whole target, who doesn’t necessarily have the same attitude toward the brand and toward communication. Some people are more on TV while others more on Internet, and others are willing to live and/or share an experience with the brand.

Cokes uses a lot interaction with its consumers throughout PR and social media advertising.
As an example, here is a campaign in Korea:

Partnerships & sponsorships:

The strategy is based primarily on major events to be coherent with its global strategy and to have a global IMC program. As an example, we can cite:

- In 1923, Coke became the drink of the "sportsman"
- Olympic Partner since 1928
- partner of FIFA since 1974
-Since 1996, Official Partner of the France team football
 -Presence in all major sports events (World Cup soccer, rugby, skiing world championships, NBA)
 -Partner of Rugby World Cup 2007

Coca Cola is also involved in cinema and music. the last campaign they have featured was a PR campaign based on their sponsorship with James Bond 007. Check out the video, it is really innovative and it increases consumer's engagement toward Coke's Zero community:

For more information and more Coca Cola campaigns, visit this website:

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