Senin, 06 Februari 2012

Microsoft is company that originally specializes in software.Their goal is to have their product in every home, hence their original mission statement "A PC in every household."   Basically the company believes that their products are top notch within the market and can provide the most dependable products. Microsoft constantly find innovative programs for PCs creating a product competitive advantage.  However they are in competition with apple which has a huge slice of the computer software market.  Microsoft over strategic goal is making software products that are easier to see, hear, and use.  Their marketing mixes can be defined in the 4 goals
  • Acessability to their products
  • Leadership and Awarness
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration
Acessability to their products would be the location in which they plan on selling thier products. In addition Microsoft goal is to make the product more accessable to the potential customer.

Leadership and Awarness which is microsoft doing research and development in order to lead in the technology market. Through this goal they help promote their products as well as build thier image.

Innovation is the process in which they find more way to make their technology more a more easier and enjoyable experience then the last.

Microsoft collaborates with other organiztions to further the progress of accesiablity.  Thus making more of a market impact.

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